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Grafana Cloud

Grafana Cloud is a composable, observability stack, with metrics and logs integrated within Grafana. Grafana Labs provides a fully managed Graphite back end with blazing fast performance, 99.9% availability, and the ability to easily scale past 100M+ metrics.

Free plan includes:

  • 10k series for Graphite or Prometheus
  • 50gb of logs
  • 14-day retention for metrics and logs
  • Access for up to 3 team members
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Metrics in Grafana Cloud

  • Centralized view to query and alert on multiple instances
  • Horizontally scalable and highly available
  • Collects 100% of metrics (no sampling or aggregation)
  • Fast global query performance
  • 13+ months of long-term storage at full resolution
  • Reduction in complexity and # of hours spent maintaining Graphite
  • Transparent and straightforward usage based pricing (no custom metrics, no price per host, no hidden costs)

Centralized Alert Management

Grafana has an advanced Graphite query editor that lets you quickly navigate the metric space, add functions, change function parameters and much more. The editor can handle all types of graphite queries.

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